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Tomáš’ adventure with Czech national team starts in the August 1997, when he’s called in the Under 21. His first match ever is the one against Israel. In the summer of 2000 the Under21 European Championship is in Slovakia and Czech Republic can play it after drawing with Spain and winning with Croatia and Holland. In the final match there’s Italy, who wins for 2-1 above all thanks to Andrea Pirlo, who scores both goals. Italy has many talents, like Abbiati, Gattuso, Zanetti, Ventola and many more. But the Czech team can say the same: there are Baroš, Jankulovsky and Tomáš’ mate in Sigma, Marek Heinz. Thanks to the second place, they could try to become one of the protagonists of the Olympic Games in Sydney, but unfortunately they don’t manage to take part to such important manifestation. .

The second important step for Tomáš is at the beginning of 2001: he debuts in National Team against Macedonia. Unfortunately, very soon they are defeated in the play-off for the World Cup 2002 qualification against Belgium. The following year the Czech team plays in Prague against Jugoslavia, the match ends 5 - 0 and Tomáš scores twice.

The defender is called in national team for the European Championship in Portugal in 2004 and also there he shows his great technique and why he’s so important for Czechs. They reach the semi-final but they’re defeated by Greece, the team who’ll win the competition. The 3rd place is anyway a great success.

In 2006 there’s the World Cup in Germany and Ujfaluši of course is in the line-up. The first match against USA is won 3-0, but after losing with Ghana (where Ujfaluši gets a red card) it’s very hard to pass the group stage. In the following match there’s Italy and without Tomáš the final defeat arrives.

The last big tournament with his National Team is the European Championship 2008 in Austria and Switzerland, won by Spain. Also this time Czech Republic can’t go through the group stage, winning once in three matches.

TTomáš finally leaves the National Team as the captain, with an official statement on the 8th April 2009, after the defeat wit Slovakia valid for the qualification to WC 2010 in South Africa. The decision is taken to protest against the way football is managed in Czech Republic from the federation and the national press, who are looking for someone to blame and who decide to process some players, including Ujfaluši himself, who didn’t even play that match. And add insult to injury: not only Czech Republic won’t play next World Cup, but it’s almost a year they can’t count on one of the best players, and the results are clear to everyone.


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