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In January 2001 Simga gets 50 million crowns and Tomáš moves to the Northern Germany. With Hamburg he plays very well, so much that he soon becomes one of the main members of the team.

The injury to his knee is the worst thing happening to him during the years in Hamburg. Luckily he recovers pretty soon and he plays as good as before, until he becomes the captain.

The German experience gets its archivement when Tomáš debuts in the european competitions in 2003-2004, when Hamburg plays Uefa Cup. Because of the great matches he plays both with his club and the national team, many other teams start being interested in him.

The quickest is Fiorentina: the Italian club offers Hamburg a lot of money (it seems 6-7 million euros), something that can’t be refused, so Hamburg accepts and makes Tomáš’ bigger dream come true: he’ll play in Italy.

It’s the player himself to ask to the bos of the German club to let him go. It’s very hard for him to leave, both the team and the city are in his heart, but in the end he decides to leave the cold of the Northern Germany and move in the hot Italy.


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