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The Italian adventure doesn’t start in the best way: unfortunately, Tomáš gets injured in the middle of the season, when he’s showing what he can do, and he has to be out of the pitch for three long months, during which Fiorentina plays badly and reaches the last places of the league.

The many coaches the team has in this period understand how much he’s important, as the defence is one of the worse. With his coming back there’s a slight improvement, but Fiorentina saves from relegation only in the last match of the season against Brescia.

The following season, the second for Tomáš with viola, starts in the opposite way. First of all, the chairman Della Valle picks a new director, Corvino, and a new coach, Cesare Prandelli, who, except for Mondonico, are much more professional of the ones who worked in Firenze the previous year.

But the problems are not over, at least at the beginning, because Prandelli is satisfied with the couple Dainelli – Gamberini as central defenders, and he moves Tomáš on the right. Supporters of Fiorentina start being worried, because it seems Corvino wants to sell him, but he wants to stay and the results are clear.

Prandelli wins his personal bet and Tomáš, who at first thinks he can’t play in that role, becomes essential in this part of the pitch, in defence but also in attack with his dangerous crosses. When Dainelli is on bench, he’s the captain. The season ends in the best of the ways with a deserved 4° place that just a few months after will be unfairly taken away to the purple team.

The two following seasons are real successes: Tomáš plays the whole 2006-2007 on the right, being always more confident. A goal arrives too, against Ascoli, which won’t remain the last as exactly one year after he’ll score also in Rome. Fiorentina ends up at 4° place once again, but once again can’t take part to the Champions League because of a 15 point penalization for a presumed involvement of Della Valle in the Calciopoli scandal (judged not true).

The purples gets into Uefa Cup, a competition that will bring great satisfactions in the season 2007-2008: the team will lose only in the semi-final, after a cursed match against Everton. In the league, Tomáš is the real captain as Dainelli plays rarely, and that’s why he plays again as central defender with Gamberini and Jorgensen on the right. And the team is spectacular. This time no one can take away the 4° place away and after 10 years Fiorentina is back into Champions League.

Without Tomáš. The attempts from the society to make him renew his contract expiring in June 2008 are useless: even if he’s an idol for the fans, he decides to try something new in a different league. And so the 1st July 2008 he becomes officially a player of Atlético Madrid, leaving for free.


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