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» The beginning

Tomáš was born in Rýmařov, in Moravia, on the 24th marzo 1978 and he´s the second son (he has a brother, Radim) of Pavla and Josef Ujfaluši. He falls in love with football when he´s 4, after getting hisfirst pair of football boots.

He starts playing in Jiskra Rýmařov as defender, but as he is one of the few able to attack, coaches decides to move him into the midfield line. Tomáš will play again as central defender only after playing in the youth team of Sigma Olomouc.

His first transfer arrives at the 9th year of elementary school (when Tomáš is about 15 year old), and it´s one of the most important of his career: scouts of Sigma Olomuc notice his talent and offer him to go to play there.

Also with this transfer Tomas has to pick the high school, deciding for the Agricultoral high school, above all because it´s the best way to conciliate football and school.


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