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At first it seems Sevilla will be Tomáš’ new team (and this will cause many polemics from the Spanish club), instead the defender signs a 3 years contract with Atlético de Madrid. In the season 2008 – 2009 he plays 33 matches in Liga and 7 in Champions League, above all in the centre of the defence, but when needed also on the right.

He scores his first goal in Copa del Rey, against the strongest opponent they could have, Barcelona. Atlético finishes 4th and gets qualified for the Champions, it’s one of the favourite teams for winning the Liga 2009-2010, but for several reason they can’t play well and the standings keep getting worse, another coach arrives, Champions is over but instead there’s Europa League.

In the last weeks things seem to get better, and now the team trained by Sanchez Flores beated Barcelona and Valencia, not considering they’ll play the quarters of final of Europa League. This season Tomáš is playing more as right defender and he told many times he prefers it (thanking also Prandelli) because he likes to run in attack. Atlético, even though losing the final of Copa del Rey against Sevilla in the last match of the season 2009/2010, ended the football year with the big triumph in Europa League against Fulham in Hamburg.

The season 2010/2011 has started in the best of ways as well, with the amazing and maybe unexpected victory of the European Super Cup against Inter. Unfortunately things gets worse very soon: Atlético's group stage in Europe League is not the hardest one, still the team doesn't manage to go through it. In the Liga it's not much better, as the hoped 3rd place is always very far, and at the end of the season they manage to qualify for the cups with the 7th place only because Real Madrid won Copa del Rey. Despite all this, Tomáš seems to be happy with his life in Madrid, until the unexpected twist: Galatasaray offers him a new contract and in few days it's done. Ufo is moving to Turkey!


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