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24. 2. 2012 - Tomáš Ujfaluši chasing a record


Galatasaray's successful defender Tomáš Ujfaluši is working on breaking his career record through his high performances.

Ujfaluši, who played 26 matches in the Toto Super League, became a security for Galatasaray's defence, yellow-reds have closed their net to opponents' attacks. He settled wonderful with Semih Kaya, and thanks to his job there's not so much work for Muslera.

According to news on Webaslan, when we look at Ujfaluši's performances up to 26th match day at his former clubs, it seems like he's heading towards his personal record.Galatasaray conceded only 19 goals when Ujfaluši played. The 33 years old defender's closest stat about this was in 2006/07 at Fiorentina.

Ujfaluši, who transferred to Galatasaray from Atletico Madrid via coach Fatih Terim's reports, was criticised by Turkish sports media for being too old. The experienced defender answered them on the pitch. Here is his former teams' conceded goals with Ujfaluši's 26-week performances:

2011/2012 – 19

2010/2011 – 36
2009/2010 – 41
2008/2009 – 38

2007/2008 – 31
2006/2007 – 21
2005/2006 – 29
2004/2005 – 35

2003/2004 – 48
2002/2003 – 30
2001/2002 – 42

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