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8. 2. 2012 - Ujfaluši once again in the team of the week


Once again, Tomáš belongs amongst the best players of this match day according to the site turkish-football.com but...

...not only: ask any Galatasaray fan about him and he'll tell you it's been years since they had such a strong central defender.
Anyway that's how the Turkish site judged his performance against Gaziantepspor:

Ujfaluši was once again the rock in Galatasaray's defense, he has to considered as one of the transfers of the season. The Czech international has become the defender the Lions had been in dire need of over the past few seasons. Galatasaray have gone from being one of the leagues worst defensive sides to the best defensive side having only conceded 18 goals all season. Ujfaluši leads the defense, organizes the defensive line and has mentored 20 year old center back Semih Kaya helping him transform into one of the leagues best defenders. Ujfaluši has started in 24 out of Galatasaray's 25 games and had another fantastic performance against Gaziantepspor.

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