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2. 12. 2013 - Tomáš Ujfaluši retires from football


After signing with Sparta Prague this summer, Tomáš has decided to retire from football, as his knee has not healed well enough to continue.

At the age of 35 the Czech defender, after a prestigious career in Czech Republic (where he's been a key player also for the national team), Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey, has decided it was time to quit football. During the press conference that took place today, he said that he was hoping to continue to play at high levels, but the condition of his knee would require another surgery (after the one of last year) and a long rehabilitation, something that he wasn't willing to do again, so in the end it's been not such a hard decision to make. He is sad he wasn't able to play any league match with Sparta (he played 4 matches in total - 2 friendly and 2 in Czech Cup) and he will miss the time with his team-mates, but he can finally enjoy the time with his family. During his playing time, he won 1 Europa League and 1 European SuperCup with Atletico Madrid and 2 Turkish Süper Lig with Galatasaray.

Ujfaluši's contract with Sparta ended on mutual agreement. For the moment, he doesn't have plans regarding football (like coaching), he just wants to dedicate to golf, hockey and his lovely daughter. Useless to say, football will miss a player and a man like him.

Watch the video of the press conference here

Ujfaluši's career on pictures on IDNES.

Please, let me add something personal: the news came out absolutely unexpected, at least for me. When I first read it on the Twitter profile of the Gambrinus Liga, I didn't want to believe it. It took a confirmation from Tomas himself for me to start just considering the idea. After all, he was my favourite player, I didn't have the chance to see him playing "live" since that Atletico-Levante in 2010 and simply, I wasn't ready for this.
Of course I understand the motivations behind this choice, Tomas gave so much to European football and I think he preferred to quit rather than not giving his best. I'm happy and proud I had the chance to see him playing so many times and to know him personally.
His career may have come to an end, but not this site! So keep on visiting us to know what's going on on Tomas' life ;)

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