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5. 3. 2012 - Sivasspor - Galatasaray 0-4 (29° match day)


After the successful derby of last week against Beşiktaş, Galatasaray won by big margin against Sivasspor away. The match had no history and above all for us the most important thing has been the first goal in the Turkish League of Tomaš Ujfaluši, a very deserved one after he showed all his qualities in defence. The other 3 have been scored by Necati Ateş (2) and Aydın Yılmaz. The rivals of Fenerbahçe won 6-1 and are always 9 points far.

Ujfaluši's rating of the match:
He scored his first goal in the Turkish league, the last one he scored was in 2006. Not only he scored, but he played a good match also in defence. He was rated 7,5.
(source: Goal.com)

Ujfaluši's report of the match:
(many thanks to Firat for writing it)
Ujfaluši started as captain and his partner was Semih Kaya again. Both had three red cards before this match, so they were one card away from ban (4 cards = 1 match ban in Turkey). If they'll be booked next week against Gençlerbirliği, they'll miss Fenerbahçe derby. Sivasspor's attacking mentality forced our defence. Galatasaray won the match but Muslera was man of the match with striker Necati Ateş.

Ujfaluši and Sivasspor striker Eneramo were almost in all the actions. Muslera saved two certain goals until 14th minute and Necati led Galatasaray with a 30 meters lob at 14th minute. With the goal, Galatasaray played more effective football. In front of the six yard box line, Ujfaluši couldn't stop Eneramo but he failed to find the net. This was the most serious chance for Sivasspor in all match. Eneramo protested referee for a penalty after position but that wasn't.

With the second half, both teams played attacking and agressive football. Galatasaray wanted more goals and Sivasspor tried to level game as well. Second half's first serious action came from Sivasspor. Pedriel took shoot but Ujfaluši layed on pitch and blocked his shoot. Before Galatasaray's second goal, Muslera saved one more shoot. Galatasaray won a corner at 64th minute. Sivasspor defender tried to head ball out the penalty area, but in the box(front line of box, around 15 meters) Ujfaluši took a weak volley, the ball leaped on the pitch and Sivasspor keeper Senecky failed to punch outside, he punched through the net and Ujfaluši scored his first league goal (the last one was in 2006 with Fiorentina). Also that was his first goal after two years. His last goal was against Recreativo Huelva, it was a Copa Del Rey match which played on 14th January 2010.

After 2-0, Sivasspor found two more chances but Muslera saved both. Ujfaluši missed his man in one action but Hakan Balta(left back) stopped Eneramo. With 3-0, Sivasspor stopped fighting and both teams slowed down, in last minute, Necati ateş scored final goal of the match and Galatasaray won 4-0.

Sivasspor: Senecky, Uğur Žlutá karta, Navratil, Rajnoch Žlutá karta, Kağan, Mehmet Nas (58' Kıvanç), Kadir (74' Cihan), Erman, Grosicki, Pedriel, Eneramo Žlutá karta.

Galatasaray: Fernando Muslera, Emmanuel Eboue, Tomaš Ujfaluši, Semih Kaya, Hakan Balta (82' Sabri Sarıoğlu), Emre Çolak Žlutá karta (57' Aydın Yılmaz Žlutá karta), Selçuk İnan, Felipe Melo Žlutá karta (84' Ceyhun Gülselam), Albert Riera Žlutá karta, Necati Ateş, Johan Elmander.

Goals: 14' - 90' Necati Ateş, 64' Tomaš Ujfaluši, 79' Aydın Yılmaz

Sivasspor - Galatasaray --> The video of the match

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