Ujfalusi.fiorentina.cz – Galatasaray - Beşiktaş 3-2 (28° match day)

26. 2. 2012 - Galatasaray - Beşiktaş 3-2 (28° match day)


One of the most important matches of the whole season was won by the hometeam in the best way possible: a goal at 90' by the hero of the day, Johan Elmander, who scored twice. The other scorer was Felipe Melo (who else?). Thanks to this victory, Galatasaray is always first at 9 points from the rivals of Fenerbahçe, who lost against Eskisehirspor. In the next match, Terim's side will face Sivasspor.

Ujfaluši's rating of the match:
Great match, he was the best in defence. He managed to control Almeida very well, so that the stricker could never be dangerous. He was rated 7,5.
(source: Goal.com)

Ujfaluši's report of the match:
(many thanks to Firat for writing it)
Ufaluši started match as captain, his partner was Semih Kaya again. Beşiktaş found some unimportant chances in first 10 mins, also they tried long balls but Semih and Ujfaluši stopped Almeida and Quaresma. At the beginning of the second half, Quaresma came from our left, Ujfalusi was marking him but he found a chance to cross the ball from low and short range and Semih Kaya layed through his low cross and blocked it. Ball stopped after hitting Semih's body, while all was happening Ujfaluši was slipped and when he was laying he tried to kick ball but Quaresma gained this ball and sent ball to the 6 yard box. Ball passed Muslera because he was at near post and İbrahim Toraman scored an easy goal.

After Beşiktaş's equaliser Ujfaluši, Semih and Muslera focused game much more. In fact, Ujfaluši dribbled three Beşiktaş players and carried ball to the opposition area. We gained corner after this action but corner kick haven't caused any actions.

Felipe Melo scored a goal with Selçuk İnan's assist and Galatasaray led the game again. Beşiktaş tried more serious organizations but especially Ujfaluši stopped Quaresma. Ujfaluši almost touched all the balls sent to Quaresma.

Quaresma crossed a long but ineffectual long ball to penalty area at 73th minute. Ujfaluši was in the penalty area also, so left back Hakan Balta was marking Quaresma on the wing. Muslera came of to penalty spot to gain this ball but Semih Kaya tried to kicking ball out but sent ball to his own goal. Score levelled again. First goal was Ujfaluši's mistake, second was Semih Kaya's. Ujfaluši backed Semih after own goal. He's just like tactical and mental coach of Semih Kaya on the pitch.

At 90th minute Quaresma came from deep and crossed to far post, unmarked Almeida couldn't send ball to goal. If he could score this, Ujfaluši and Semih were gonna be criticised during all week. After this serious action we scored nearly the same goal. Selçuk İnan crossed from deep -just two steps out of 6 yard box- and Elmander headed the ball in and Galatasaray won the match with this last minute score.

Galatasaray: Fernando Muslera, Emmanuel Eboue, Tomaš Ujfaluši, Semih Kaya Žlutá karta, Hakan Balta Žlutá karta, Emre Çolak (Dk.75 Aydın Yılmaz), Selçuk İnan, Felipe Melo Žlutá karta (75' Milan Baroš), Engin Baytar Žlutá karta, Necati Ateş (63' Albert Riera), Johan Elmander.

Beşiktaş: Cenk, İbrahim Toraman, Sivok, Egemen (38' Sidnei), İsmail Köybaşı (60' Mustafa Pektemek), Necip Uysal Žlutá karta, Ernst, Veli Kavlak Žlutá karta, Simao, Quaresma Žlutá karta, Almeida.

Goals: 14' - 90' Elmander, 52' Felipe Melo - 49' Toraman, 73' Semih Kaya (o.g.)

Galatasaray - Kazserispor --> The video of the match

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